Monday, 18 June 2012


Those devils who knows your "dirty" secrets,still have the tendency to keep that in their tummies..!!!
...Life seems pretty much easier with them...Small fights,crazy laughs,those ROFLs,practical jokes and loads of LOVE..<3
.....Yess you "lucky" creatures this blog this all about you people...!!

As time goes by...we begin to understand our personal ANGELS
...the people who live in our midst..!!

I've been lucky on this account of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in life.< touchwood >
Well I am blessed with three "bestest" people in the world.
Oh yeahh!!!
This one is all about you guys and now I want a HUGE amount of share in your property..hehehehaha..: D...SADDA HAQ..!!!
Chalo let me allow you guys to look my "pyaari pyaari dostiyon" from my eyes.
Gosh.!! Bozo and Cro super HOT figures.I envy you and my Pepe,she is the cutest girl I've ever met in the lil' time I've spent on earth.;)
you know what,which is the mutual thing between three of my bestest buddies...yay thats ME.
these three people on whom I can count on blindly,people who understands me the guys were there for  me when I was badly "down and out".But you were always there for me as my "JACK".
yeah yeah..!!! You are absolutely right m dear readers.I do have my gangsta people side business you know.<evil laugh>
Now on serious note,guys i love you a lot,without you people i can't even imagine my life.

Always cherish the people you have in your life,
make them feel special,
make them realise what they matters in your life,
Love them unconditionally <3<3<3

Definately, S#it happens in life,but your true buddies will always be there to support you,to make you laugh your guts out.
This song dedicated for my besties...
...Chadii mujhe teri yaarii jese Daruu Desii,..
   Khatti meethi batein hai nashe sii..jese Daruu Desii..!!!
   cheerssss to FREINDSHIP..!!!!

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