Saturday, 6 October 2012


Guys , I've got a surprise for you..yeah the real BIG one . I was darned when my buddies told me about this.
I hope I get the same expression from you my rocking readers.


chalo before I reveal this surprise , I would like to ask you one question .

Have you ever been in LOVE..???
Horrible isn't it..??
It makes you so vulnerable..!!
it opens your chest and it opens up your heart
and it means that someone can get inside you
and mess you up..!!!

No clapping please .Thank you Thank you
I knew most of the people on earth already have had this "horrible" experience. If  NOT then please *slap* yourself for not facing the verdict of our lives yet . my first question was this ...and now time for second question...
To what extent a person can go for the "love" of his/er life...???

We've got tonnes of movies and s#itloads of novels on this very or the other depicting the same thing "Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR"...phele bhande ya bhandi se PYAAR kro phir circumstances se WAR kro..!!  (sorry , for this bad one)

Love makes you go crazy inside...others can see that outside . Insanely smiling. ALL THE TIME .
Yeah , but my buddies have transcended their love story to next level.
Guys , so here comes the surprise....
the novel they have written pouring their hearts out to express the "Magical-feeling".
This is their tribute to the love of their lives.To the love which was., and will always remain in their hearts..<3
Love is such a feeling , no matter what happens to the "story", always encaptures a part of you.

Here is the exclusive sneak peek of their enthralling my buddy..

I was sitting alone
when someone joined me..
I turned
and it was you..
I was walking alone
when someone held my hand
& accompanied me
and it was you..
I was crying when someone stole
my tears..I opened my eyes
it was you..
I was about to die & when someone
gave me LIFE
& when I came back
IT WAS YOU....<3

They have tried to express the "inexpressible" feeling in their own way..hats off guys..I'm really really happieee for you guys.

 Lucky girls they are...:)
You can make a gal laugh even in the darkest of times.You can come up with quirky ideas in your crazy head. Woh becharii hasne ke alawa or kuch kar hi nai paegi..:D

P.S : The way I loved out for pre-orders @ Flipkart..

P.P.S: I was under the gun ( literally) while writing this blog of mine.."DOSTI rules" do check TWILH out..
Aloha my awesome readers...will catch up soon in my next blog...:)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dil pe pathar rakh ke...CONFESSIONS..!!!

Yeah right today I'm in the mood to do something different , something unconventional.
Oh You dirty heads , its not a thing which you people are mending it in your ways..Boo you..!!

I'm talking about " confessions ". Yeah ! something which we people are not habitual of . Nowadays its completely an "alien-thing".
But as I told you at the very beginning itself that I'm just transcending the blog . Before you people get clutched in mundaneness I'll better start off my confession list.
Squarely coming to the very first confession of mine .

1. How that damn thing works..urghhh..??

You know what I'm not at all tech-savvy . No fancy phones , no flashy gadgets . no insanely expensive electronic toys.
Chalo I confess that I'm not good at handling such high-end gadgets . I'm a complete gawaar in this particular field...han bus isi field me..zyda khush mat ho...huh :p
Simply tell me what good that be if I'm smashing my "tech-beauty" brutally on the ground just because of the " logically stupid reason " of being a complete naive on this account . How to use the bloody touchscreen ( han bhai I CAN'T use touchscreen...or dikhao battisii..huh again..!!)
Just imagine violently knocking down your cellphone ( gussa insaan se kuch be kara skta tangible gyaan  ) , Merely by the envision it generates goosebumps .

2. Life in a METRO...

Gazing stupidly at people's face in the metro and guessing what they might be thinking and guess what I can read their brains , at that moment they are thinking...
Oh Come On..!! Girl don't you have anything else to do. See that much vella I am .I think I should get an award for this kinda Vellapanti .
 You know what , the real fun begins when we people ( me and my bestie) start laughing like maniacs and almost putting ourselves in the situation to get thrown by other passengers out of the metro .But metro doors are automatic . Thankfully .

3. I'm not stupid , just CREATIVELY INSANE

Hmmm..that sounds pretty much sophisticated and classy.
I would give you guys an example then you people would understand that better.
Pressing the buttons of t.v remote when the batteries are dead , just with the hope that with all that smashing and vigorous swings that might work again .
See how much optimistic I am..:D
Anyways, I guess one such example was enough . Mere pas toh dhero hai .


4. When I'm still Home , I'm on my way to destination reaching just in 5 minutes 

I'll be there in 5 minutes ...pakka...I guess this one should get an award for " The most Universally accepted fact " , as the researchers unofficially told me that in this very eye-opening truth that 99% people agree with this fact ( Arey haan baba the researchers are Chintu and Babloo in my neighborhood ) :p
Chalo keeping my stupendous silly jokes apart coming back to the topic.

When I'm still home , I'm on my way to  reach the destination reaching just in 5 minutes . Yeah I know my pyaari pyaari dostiyan are gonna kill me after reading this . Baksh do is nanhi si jaan ko...
Perhaps this was the point where I can call it a CC .Enlightening the abbreviation - "Common Confession" ) 
Hahaha...Crazy little things...Crazy people...Crazy world..!!!

5. Ohh S#IT..!!! Not again 

This is the most common gesture used by people in variant situations..;)
Precisely here I'm expressing this highly DIVERSE and DYNAMIC expression when we miss stations when me and my bestie commuting via metro.
I'm gonna tell you one of our such encounter where this expression was highly appropriate.
One fine day , we guys were commuting by metro as we had a piece of errand in Noida. We took the yellow line metro and then we started our chit-chat We were just talking a bit on general things , a little on the weather , exchanged comments on the outfits we wore that day , yesterday , day before yesterday and the same goes in the order for the future tense , a frenetic discussion on the STUFF , thats it . That day seemed no different , TILL NOW , in this usual chitty-chatty thing , we forgot that we have to deboard at rajiv chowk but we missed our destination by 12 stations . Can you believe that..???
and we were like Oh S#IT..!!! Not again...( as we did this many times before )

We reached a place with the most unconventional name - Sultanpur. But hats off to our audacity , we accelerated  our pace , changed the metro and saved ourselves from the enigmatic place.
Ciao for now , catch you soon my amazing readers in my next blog . But seriously 12 stations ...that was recklessly Whoa..!!!
Next time STUFF ke bareme kam bat krenge . Hopefully . ;)

Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey come on I'm not advertising the "Fastrack range",obviously their tagline is MOVE ON...Hmmm..that's  not a bad idea either.;)
...guys I'm here to flaunt my "gyaan" hold your breathe for the "ULTIMATE GYAAN"..( yeah yeah.! I know I'm exaggerating).Chalo coming to the point as my title of the blog suggests MOVE ON.
I've read it somewhere..
.. What We Can Do Is Learn From The PAIN and MOVE ON....

Why its soo much necessary to MOVE ON..??
You must have heard that for like thousand times.."Abey woh tere layak hi nai hai..MOVE ON dude../ That jerk don't deserve you sweetie.."( aur esi bohot sari lines) but I know this one is the most cliched dialogue by the "sachewala" dost for the friend who is shedding buckets full of tears for his/er Ex ( yeaah..!! now technically "ex").Right??
But that "sachewala" dost is absolutely talking sense here...
At times in life experiences are bad...real bad , I must say a nightmare but that doesn't means , its gonna be the same for rest of your life. How come you can shut the door for "something better" yet to come for the "thing" which broke and shattered you once..???
Definitely some people brings out the Best in you and some brings out the Worst but never ever let the "worst" to ruin you.
When you are acting all insane rather iI should say complete "Devdas" might not see the  "beautiful" opportunities coming in front of you.I'm not saying to knock every door with the motto of "eXpLoRinG  thE   oPpoRtuNitIes".

I'm just saying  TO GIVE LIFE A CHANCE..!!!       
Self-alienation is never a solution to come outta your agony.Certainly you must be feeling like running out of faith,despair.Must be thinking..."Zor Ka Jataka...Itne Zor Se Laga ke Sub Hila Ke Rakh Diya.."..(again gross..!! I just can't help it..:p) . But your life doesn't ends here.Try to look beyond this phase..yeah.! get that it was just a PHASE. Why to shed tears for the jerk who broke you and shook you like anything (literally imagining these words...ohh..soo hilarious..!!..:D). Don't give a heck to the creep who sucked the life outta you.
Come On..!! Look beyond "the shakes" and "the breaks"...something worth giving a try might be waiting to be "checked out"..;) So give that a shot , you never know that might be your "shellbreaker" your "perfect match".
Moreover, these are just phases,you can't cease your whole life merely for a "phase" , you can't cling on to your sob story for ages.
Once you are outta this phase and after many many years later when you are playing granny / grandpa...remembering your good old days, you'd laugh out your battisi (definitely !! the non-authentic one..:p) and would regret in your heart of hearts for wasting all that time for what a fool you were,who almost goofed up his life big time.Bacho ko kya btaoge ke ek incident k wajah se I wasted my considerable time of  jawaani in a closed dark corner and being a wimp to overcome your hard times..and then your bacha gang will also trash you for the same jab unhe apne jawaani k kisse sunaoge..:p
So to avoid this miserable encounter with your bachas in your buddapa..please don't waste your precious time of  jawaani which is RIGHT NOW for good- for- nothing moron creep .
Besides this don't give them the pleasure of watching you suffer . Just MOVE ON..!! that is the only way to get over them and the purrrffeect vengeance to their deeds and if you wanna get even then I've got a brilliant idea additional to the previous one..." Boxing gloves " (stuff like that).Wese the former is sufficient to AXE YOUR EX...(Oh yeah..!!)
So people all over the world ( I know zyada hogya...kya yarr ) chalo people who are reading this blog ( ab khush..:p) flaunt your battisi and be Happy , enjoy every moment and make it worth living...and agar kuch kaam na aye toh apne Boxing gloves toh hai hi...( they always works )..!!                                          

Monday, 18 June 2012


Those devils who knows your "dirty" secrets,still have the tendency to keep that in their tummies..!!!
...Life seems pretty much easier with them...Small fights,crazy laughs,those ROFLs,practical jokes and loads of LOVE..<3
.....Yess you "lucky" creatures this blog this all about you people...!!

As time goes by...we begin to understand our personal ANGELS
...the people who live in our midst..!!

I've been lucky on this account of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in life.< touchwood >
Well I am blessed with three "bestest" people in the world.
Oh yeahh!!!
This one is all about you guys and now I want a HUGE amount of share in your property..hehehehaha..: D...SADDA HAQ..!!!
Chalo let me allow you guys to look my "pyaari pyaari dostiyon" from my eyes.
Gosh.!! Bozo and Cro super HOT figures.I envy you and my Pepe,she is the cutest girl I've ever met in the lil' time I've spent on earth.;)
you know what,which is the mutual thing between three of my bestest buddies...yay thats ME.
these three people on whom I can count on blindly,people who understands me the guys were there for  me when I was badly "down and out".But you were always there for me as my "JACK".
yeah yeah..!!! You are absolutely right m dear readers.I do have my gangsta people side business you know.<evil laugh>
Now on serious note,guys i love you a lot,without you people i can't even imagine my life.

Always cherish the people you have in your life,
make them feel special,
make them realise what they matters in your life,
Love them unconditionally <3<3<3

Definately, S#it happens in life,but your true buddies will always be there to support you,to make you laugh your guts out.
This song dedicated for my besties...
...Chadii mujhe teri yaarii jese Daruu Desii,..
   Khatti meethi batein hai nashe sii..jese Daruu Desii..!!!
   cheerssss to FREINDSHIP..!!!!

A big HELLO..!!! dear people and  a very WARM and HEARTILY WELCOME .
This is not gonna be like a story,not like a poem not even like a blog.
This is simply gonna be the ride of emotions,experience and obviously sweet ,spicy and bitter phase of LIFE..!!!
P.S: As I am a naive in writing that's why a sorry in advance in case anyone's sentiments are hurt.