Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey come on I'm not advertising the "Fastrack range",obviously their tagline is MOVE ON...Hmmm..that's  not a bad idea either.;)
...guys I'm here to flaunt my "gyaan" hold your breathe for the "ULTIMATE GYAAN"..( yeah yeah.! I know I'm exaggerating).Chalo coming to the point as my title of the blog suggests MOVE ON.
I've read it somewhere..
.. What We Can Do Is Learn From The PAIN and MOVE ON....

Why its soo much necessary to MOVE ON..??
You must have heard that for like thousand times.."Abey woh tere layak hi nai hai..MOVE ON dude../ That jerk don't deserve you sweetie.."( aur esi bohot sari lines) but I know this one is the most cliched dialogue by the "sachewala" dost for the friend who is shedding buckets full of tears for his/er Ex ( yeaah..!! now technically "ex").Right??
But that "sachewala" dost is absolutely talking sense here...
At times in life experiences are bad...real bad , I must say a nightmare but that doesn't means , its gonna be the same for rest of your life. How come you can shut the door for "something better" yet to come for the "thing" which broke and shattered you once..???
Definitely some people brings out the Best in you and some brings out the Worst but never ever let the "worst" to ruin you.
When you are acting all insane rather iI should say complete "Devdas" might not see the  "beautiful" opportunities coming in front of you.I'm not saying to knock every door with the motto of "eXpLoRinG  thE   oPpoRtuNitIes".

I'm just saying  TO GIVE LIFE A CHANCE..!!!       
Self-alienation is never a solution to come outta your agony.Certainly you must be feeling like running out of faith,despair.Must be thinking..."Zor Ka Jataka...Itne Zor Se Laga ke Sub Hila Ke Rakh Diya.."..(again gross..!! I just can't help it..:p) . But your life doesn't ends here.Try to look beyond this phase..yeah.! get that it was just a PHASE. Why to shed tears for the jerk who broke you and shook you like anything (literally imagining these words...ohh..soo hilarious..!!..:D). Don't give a heck to the creep who sucked the life outta you.
Come On..!! Look beyond "the shakes" and "the breaks"...something worth giving a try might be waiting to be "checked out"..;) So give that a shot , you never know that might be your "shellbreaker" your "perfect match".
Moreover, these are just phases,you can't cease your whole life merely for a "phase" , you can't cling on to your sob story for ages.
Once you are outta this phase and after many many years later when you are playing granny / grandpa...remembering your good old days, you'd laugh out your battisi (definitely !! the non-authentic one..:p) and would regret in your heart of hearts for wasting all that time for what a fool you were,who almost goofed up his life big time.Bacho ko kya btaoge ke ek incident k wajah se I wasted my considerable time of  jawaani in a closed dark corner and being a wimp to overcome your hard times..and then your bacha gang will also trash you for the same jab unhe apne jawaani k kisse sunaoge..:p
So to avoid this miserable encounter with your bachas in your buddapa..please don't waste your precious time of  jawaani which is RIGHT NOW for good- for- nothing moron creep .
Besides this don't give them the pleasure of watching you suffer . Just MOVE ON..!! that is the only way to get over them and the purrrffeect vengeance to their deeds and if you wanna get even then I've got a brilliant idea additional to the previous one..." Boxing gloves " (stuff like that).Wese the former is sufficient to AXE YOUR EX...(Oh yeah..!!)
So people all over the world ( I know zyada hogya...kya yarr ) chalo people who are reading this blog ( ab khush..:p) flaunt your battisi and be Happy , enjoy every moment and make it worth living...and agar kuch kaam na aye toh apne Boxing gloves toh hai hi...( they always works )..!!                                          

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