Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Jumbled Bumbled Thoughts

As if I’m standing at the brink. Definitely the world will not come to an end. Why the hell am I thinking so much.???

What am I doing in my life.??What am I suppose to do.?? What have I done in my life so far.??

Questions ?? Questions ??Questions ??

 That’s all in my head... par answer kon dega ???
Don’t you wonder what the hell you are doing on earth..?? arey ghabaro mat I’m explaining na I mean what is the purpose of your existence..??? Haven’t you spent sleepless night cause of this thought bugging your head..???  When you look at this question it seems totally harmless thoughtless chota sa question but dude this question contains the whole damn world in it.......
Think for a while...........
Kuch socha..?? Nahi..?!!!! Well your headache..:p
Chuck your thoughts, listen my stupid ones...
There are times when you have to choose between THE DREAMS..yep dreams of our parents and your own’s not easy to make a are lucky if both of them are” mutual”
One side you want to see the sparkle of pride in your parents eyes ...on the other side , you want the SPARKLE...the sparkle which will make every one dazzled...but which path to choose..???
You must have heard that often ...”To pursue your dream  Follow your heart” but what if you are baffled by what your heart says...?? Trust me it happens...
Tried every possible way to hear the inner voice of my heart...
Gosh..!!!! What if your dream still in the “to-be- figured-out” mode
Every intelligent person or person with minimum basic level of intellectuality says ....If you really desire to achieve your goal , path will be made automatically but what if you are scratching your head in the hope of getting some kind of “executable” ideas..still getting nothing but dandruff....
I tried another way to crack this situation of my crises ...I opted for silence..arey arey that doesn’t means I went on “ moun vrat”..(Are you kidding Me.?!!) it means I tried to find the answers in solitude....
In solitude you can find the answer to all your it insanest dumbest question on earth or be it a wisest one’s all within YOU..!!!
But here also I got only disappointment ..My inner voice was playing dumbsherads with me.:p
Right now I feel like the dumbest person on earth..Is this normal..?? Or am I getting insane..?? Or it’s just that I’m thinking way too much..?? 

I know only one thing...I wanna calm my ruffled soul and I want my questions to be toh do hogye..nevermind..I want these two things to be done...till then I’m gonna  chillax  with a pack of chips...
Ahhhh...LIFES GREAT..!!!! I’m already feeling eventually what happened...was the answers to my questions was a pack of chips or it just diluted my focus on my problem...I don’t know what happened...but at times it great to lose your free...allow your tiny brain to breathe and train your BIG heart to stay happy...:)
These were my bumbled thoughts ....STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART..<3


  1. they are totally rumbeled up n bumbeld up :-D
    i'm still confused what happened just now..........:-P
    you confused me too
    but question was good.....thank god you ended with just a pack of chips not a can of beer :-D
    good yaar keep it up :)

  2. hehe..I'm glad you liked it..:) next time kya chips..kya beer..:D

  3. sach mein re..............are you in your senses beer..........!!!!!! :-D