Saturday, 6 October 2012


Guys , I've got a surprise for you..yeah the real BIG one . I was darned when my buddies told me about this.
I hope I get the same expression from you my rocking readers.


chalo before I reveal this surprise , I would like to ask you one question .

Have you ever been in LOVE..???
Horrible isn't it..??
It makes you so vulnerable..!!
it opens your chest and it opens up your heart
and it means that someone can get inside you
and mess you up..!!!

No clapping please .Thank you Thank you
I knew most of the people on earth already have had this "horrible" experience. If  NOT then please *slap* yourself for not facing the verdict of our lives yet . my first question was this ...and now time for second question...
To what extent a person can go for the "love" of his/er life...???

We've got tonnes of movies and s#itloads of novels on this very or the other depicting the same thing "Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR"...phele bhande ya bhandi se PYAAR kro phir circumstances se WAR kro..!!  (sorry , for this bad one)

Love makes you go crazy inside...others can see that outside . Insanely smiling. ALL THE TIME .
Yeah , but my buddies have transcended their love story to next level.
Guys , so here comes the surprise....
the novel they have written pouring their hearts out to express the "Magical-feeling".
This is their tribute to the love of their lives.To the love which was., and will always remain in their hearts..<3
Love is such a feeling , no matter what happens to the "story", always encaptures a part of you.

Here is the exclusive sneak peek of their enthralling my buddy..

I was sitting alone
when someone joined me..
I turned
and it was you..
I was walking alone
when someone held my hand
& accompanied me
and it was you..
I was crying when someone stole
my tears..I opened my eyes
it was you..
I was about to die & when someone
gave me LIFE
& when I came back
IT WAS YOU....<3

They have tried to express the "inexpressible" feeling in their own way..hats off guys..I'm really really happieee for you guys.

 Lucky girls they are...:)
You can make a gal laugh even in the darkest of times.You can come up with quirky ideas in your crazy head. Woh becharii hasne ke alawa or kuch kar hi nai paegi..:D

P.S : The way I loved out for pre-orders @ Flipkart..

P.P.S: I was under the gun ( literally) while writing this blog of mine.."DOSTI rules" do check TWILH out..
Aloha my awesome readers...will catch up soon in my next blog...:)

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